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Come Join Us On The Great Iowa Sewing Adventure!

Welcome Statement

The fifth annual  All Iowa Shop Hop (AISH) is about to begin! This year's AISH will run from June 1 to June 30 and will have 102 shops across Iowa participating in the event. We hope all of you will be joining us on this year's AISH and following us on the All Iowa Shop Hop Facebook page.

How Do I Participate?

Adults 18 or older can carry a Passport with them to each participating shop. Once you arrive, present your Passport to receive a stamp for that store along with a free 6" Holiday-themed charm square. No purchase is necessary to receive the stamp or the 6" charm square.

Collect the stamps from 5+ participating quilt shops and qualify for an entry-level random prize drawing.

Collect the stamps from all the participating quilt shops in an entire Region and qualify for a random Regional prize drawing. For each Region that you complete, you are assigned a random number. The more Regions you complete, the more possible prizes you can win.

Mail the Passport back to us by July 2 or drop it off at a participating quilt shop to enter the random prize drawings.

How Do I Get A Passport?

When you buy the 2016 AISH Magazine for $6, the Passport can be found inside the magazine. You can also click on the 2016 AISH Passport link on this website and download a Passport.

Where Do I Get The 2016 AISH Magazine?

Visit any participating quilt shop today to pick up your copy of the 2016 AISH Magazine. This magazine contains articles, quilt patterns, and a quilt shop directory to 102 quilt shops in Iowa. The magazine costs $6 and is both collectible and sought after by quilters around the US and abroad who come to Iowa every June to participate in the AISH.

How Do I Find The Five Exclusive Wilmington Prints "Come Home To Iowa" Fabrics?

Every year the AISH sponsors 3-5 exclusive fabrics for our event. This year Wilmington Prints created five Holiday-themed Iowa fabrics based on a Debbie Mumm print. These fabrics are both collectible and in limited supply. When they are gone, they are gone forever! Stop by any participating quilt shop after June 1st to buy your stash of these great fabrics!

If you have questions about the 2016 AISH, don't hesitate to email us at or text or call us at 319-594-7987. We look forward to seeing all of you on The Hop this year in June!

Kevin, Leland, and Jill
Directors, 2016 AISH